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Birthdate:Jun 7
About me:

  • I'm nuts;

  • I'm italian, so please bear with me and my faulty english;

  • I appreciate a lot of UK's and USA's tv series, but I don't like USA's remakes of UK's series;

  • I swore to myself to never follow again a weekly, on-going shounen manga (Kishi, curati). That said, my love for seinen manga is exponentially growing;

  • I can't stand the words "seme" & "uke" because, when used outside of a yaoi manga, I find them insulting;

  • I start squealing/cooing every time I see Robert Downey Jr (not joking about the squealing/cooing part);

  • I'm a passionate Sherlok Holmes canonist but, even if it was far from actual canon, I enjoyed Guy Ritchie's movie;

  • I adore Marvel comics, especially its crossover series (House of M, Civil War ♥ but, tbh, I'm not too fond of Dark Reign) and almost everything Avengers/Young Avengers related;

  • I have an established fetish for short & hairy & menacing Wolverine;

  • I ship Wiccan and Hulkling a bit too much to be considered healthy;

  • I can't wait for this to happen on earth-616.

My happy places:



Interests (143):

"c'è posta da firenze", 80s music, abby/connor, adamantine claws, allan heinberg, angelo! c/m shipper, angst, anna paquin, bad scifi movies, baking, being nubile, big bang theory, billy kaplan, billy/teddy, bioshock, bodyswap, bucky barnes, cable and deadpool, canon, cesare borgia, cesare!, cesare/miguel, chase/gert, chocolate, comics, connor/stephen, cooking, crack, deadpool, doctor who, dogs, donnie darko, dragons, drawing, elena fisher, fanart, fanfic, fantasy, final fantasy, fluff, francisco randez, fullmetal alchemist, gambit, gambit/rogue, gay superheroes, georgian england, god/lucifer, good omens, gourry gabriev, harry/perry, het, hikaru no go, him, honey & clover, hugh jackman, hulkling/wiccan, humor, ianto jones, iron man, jack sparrow, jack/ianto, jeremy brett, jesus/judas, jim cheung, john barrowman, john watson, kate bishop, kingdom hearts, kiss kiss bang bang, lina inverse, lina/gourry, logan/remy, looking up to northstar, manga, manips, marvel comics, mmorpg, momojr, monty python, movies, nansensu, nathan drake, neil gaiman, nerd, night at the museum, oofuri, oscar wilde, otp, owen harper, phoenix wright, photoshop, primeval, ps3, psp, puppies, rabbits, rainbow flags, reading, red dwarf, robert downey jr, rogue, rubedo, runaways, sander cohen, scarlet witch, sci-fi, sherlock holmes, shounen ai, slash, spandex, spock, spock/kirk, star trek, stark enterprises, steve rogers/tony stark, supernatural, takeshi obata, teddy altman, teddy/billy, the persian boy, the sims, the slayers, tomato, tony stark, torchwood, uncharted, ust, victorian era, videogames, wanda maximoff, well written fan fiction, white collar, wiccan/hulkling, wolverine, wolverine/rogue, world ends with you, world of warcraft, writing, x men, x23, xenosaga, yaoi, young avengers
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